Who We Are

The Consular Chamber of Commerce was formed in 2004 by honorary consuls, their representatives and supporters, to provide free services to honorary consulates, and consular corps the world over.

We are a global, non-political, not-for-profit, secular organization incorporated in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2007.  We have over 1100 consular and diplomatic members.  Our corporate, data management and financial structure spans three continents.  The Consular Chamber has only just begun opening its membership to businesses and individuals.  All are welcome.

Why Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has eclipsed Paris as the most visited city in the world, and is home to to, and best ranked for virtually all of the largest global business conferences, product shows and industry conventions.  Although better known for its entertainment, Las Vegas has become the meeting place of the world, and is one of few cities with the facilities to prove it.

Our Mission

  1. To establish, standardize, maintain and promote a global community of honorary consuls, in organized support of international fair trade, business initiatives and cultural awareness.
  2. To establish, standardize, maintain and promote a global community of consular emissaries who advocate for the honorary consuls and their status according to the Vienna Conventions and protocols.
  3. To implement and promote standards of practice and technology in identity verification, reputation assessment and transparency, for facilitation of less encumbered and more transparent transaction of business, diplomacy, academics and charity across international borders, and across cultures.
  4. To promote secular education, which welcomes all religions and races, in areas where education is most lacking.
  5. To help to facilitate, wherever possible, access to basic healthcare and potable water in areas where these are most lacking.
  6. To promote gender equality in all dealings, in all regions.
  7. To celebrate and promote cultural appreciation and diversity in all dealings.
  8. To elevate the subject of global business diplomacy in business, diplomatic, academic and charity circles.
  9. To elevate the Consular Chamber of Commerce mission wherever the subject of global business diplomacy is spoken.
  10. To establish, standardize, maintain and promote a global community of business people who strive to adhere to this mission statement in their dealings.

World Consular Fair, Bangkok, Thailand