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Vienna Conventions on Consular RelationsConsular license plates often avert minor infractions by traffic patrols.  This is due to the fact that tickets written to honorary consuls are routed to the State Department, which refers the ticket back to the diplomatic mission of the country the consul represents.  Diplomatic immunity can then be cited to absolve the consul of any infraction.  The ticket typically does not produce revenue, which some say may cause it to be less likely to be written to begin with.

Honorary consuls in the U.S. will seldom take advantage of this benefit, as they would typically rather not cause their embassies, ministries of foreign relations, consuls general or the State Department to have to deal with such minor issues.  Also, the protection only exists when the honorary consul is driving a car with consular license plates.

The Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber of Commerce is therefore introducing free traffic ticket resolution services for confirmed member Honorary Consuls who reside in, or are visiting Las Vegas.  Consuls may join the Consular Chamber of Commerce and confirm their consular status free of charge at  Legal Attaché attorneys in Las Vegas will negotiate traffic tickets for Consul Members upon request by online interface at

The Consular Chamber of Commerce intends to extend the practice in other cities throughout the US, following the Las Vegas test trial of the program

Las Vegas Business Press

Discretion cited as key component of new service initiated in Las Vegas. 

“While some attorneys have long specialized in making embarrassments for high-profile clients ‘go away,’ they often only handle cases for Americans.  Because much of the Consular Chamber’s membership is foreign…they might not be as familiar with how the court system works.”  –  Tim O’Reilly, Las Vegas Business Press


The following report was provided by the World Federation of Consuls:

Honorable President:

Good morning.  Allow me to report that the Dominican Republic did not sustain any significant, reported, damage as a consequence of the unfortunate earthquake that hit our neighboring Republic of Haiti yesterday at around 6pm.
We were at a Consular Corp meeting and felt the tremors but there was no cause for undue alarm here in Santo Domingo. Cautionary measures were taken in the evening and up to today but the reports are that No damage was sustained.
The Consular Corp will offer its assistance and solidarity to the coordinating authorities,
Please use this information as you deem it usefull for our colleagues in the FICAC,
All the best

Rosendo Álvarez III
Honorary Consul of Estonia in the Dominican Republic

Dedicated platform allows honorary consuls to upload legalized passport images to secure server, under Vienna Convention protections

In the ongoing battle to solve the identity verification problem, in particular where the internet and small business are concerned, a new standard may have been set.

Pointing out the fact that the passport is the only globally recognized form of identification, privacy experts with the Consular Chamber of Commerce have launched into beta testing.

Secure Sharing of Verified Passport ID Via the Internet provides a platform where by verified consul members of the Consular Chamber of Commerce may elect to upload legalized passport copies to a secure server, dedicated to the service.  The fact that the server only accepts uploads from confirmed consul members, and only when they are acting in consular capacity, applies certain privacy protections.   Perhaps the most important of these is exemption of the data from the right of search or seizure under the Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations of 1961.  Seizure by corrupt officials of documents, often disclosing identites of competetive project or contract bidders, has been a major concern of ID verification services in the developing world.

Confirm Identities of Potential Business Partners the World Over

The legalization may be done by the country which issued the passport, if the consul member represents that country, or it may be by Hague Apostille, the internationally recognized legalization recognized by most countries in the world.  The uploading consuls are compensated for the service by the Consular Chamber of Commerce, which includes the service in its subscription memberships, starting at $59. per year.  

With the identified parties always in ownership of their data, state-of-the-art encryption, secure data storage in Denmark, ability of members to individually authorize each other to download their passport copies, and a developer who is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP), the Consular Chamber hopes that new standard may set.

Reducing Identity Theft

With identity theft the number one crime in the United States, using passports for identification is seen as a remedy.  The ability to steal one’s identity with a passport data page only extremely difficult, as the document has no address, no social security number and no signature sample.

Already the standard for membership in the Consular Chamber of Commerce, the organization is marketing the product globally.  The concept was well received when proposed by Consular Chamber Members to the International Forum on Document Authentication in 2009.

Mr. Alex Fortunati and Support Services of America has become a substantial financial underwriter of Cocktails with the Consuls.


Las Vegas Attorney Lloyd Baker has become a substantial financial underwriter of Cocktails with the Consuls.

Dr. Geoffrey Vanderpal, a founding member of the Consular Chamber of Commerce and renowned financial expert, has been quoted as regarding the attitude of his clientele during the present economy, by TIME/CNN.
Monte Carlo, 2009: Vanderpal, see here second from right, teaches finance for various universities around the globe.

Monte Carlo, 2009: Vanderpal, seen here second from right, teaches finance for various universities around the globe.

In an article titled “Survey:  Investors Gaining Confidence in Markets” Dr. Vanderpal contributed information and opinion as the Chief Investment Officer of Skyline Capital Management.   The entire article can be read at,8599,1927017,00.html.  Dr. Vanderpal is also a frequent contributor to

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