Business members which have individual members may join.  There are no dues to pay.

Membership is open to all, and free.  Here’s why individuals and businesses should join, and why they should insist on membership of potential clients and business partners:

1.  Increase Income

Solid Business connections – We don’t waste time with “networking” events, and we don’t put up with thinly veiled political campaign programs masquerading as business seminars.

The Consular Chamber is made up of first and foremost of Honorary Consuls, business diplomats all over the globe, who have been vetted by at least two governments, and were chosen for their positions because of their ability to get things done in their local area.

Whether you need a supplier in Bangladesh, a buyer in Moscow, a manufacturer in Guangzhou, a distributor in Miami or a retailer in Monte Carlo, you’ve got it.  No mystery about identities or credentials, no more blind faith.  Real, on-the-ground government-verified and peer-reviewed business matching.

Offer your Expertise for Fee Income – Bank you knowledge with our Consultancy, and offer your expertise to other members.  Build your network of influence while you earn fee income.

2.  Business Development Products and Services

Country Information – The Consular Chamber provides the most detailed, easily searched local area information for any market in the world.  Try it free at

Consul Directory – The Consular Chamber of Commerce is the largest searchable online community of Consuls:

Identity Confirmation – is a strategic partner of, the most reliable form of global identity verification available.  All membership listings in disclose whether or not a user has provided, in person, passport identification to a consular officer.  Consuls then upload legalized copies of the passport ID pages to our secure server in Denmark.  Members always own their own ID data file, and can delete it or trade it with other members with whom they do business.

Legal Attaché – The Consular Chamber of Commerce Office of the Legal Attaché provides international document legalization, international patent and trademark services, immigration representation, and other legal representation to members.  The Legal Attaché targets highly visited convention cities, and was started in Las Vegas.  The service is extending to other cities all over the globe.

Consultancy – The Consultancy of the Consular Chamber of Commerce provides outsourced talent for small to medium sized companies all over the globe.  Members may outsource entire compliance departments to the Consular Chamber.

Our experts hold credentials including Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), Certified Treasury Professional (CTP), Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPPS), Eximbank Delegated Authority, import-export finance and more.  Advanced level degrees held by our consultants include Finance, Public Policy, Accountancy and others.

 The Consultancy offers programs which include varying degrees of writing and implementing of policy for member firms at very affordable, predictable rates.  Proposals are always free to members.  Members of the Chamber who have expertise in helpful fields may offer service to the Consultancy to earn additional fee income.

3.  Substantial Events and Speakers

We don’t waste time filling space with the next bag of hot air who wants a podium.  Our speaker events feature subjects with information of value.  We invite keynotes whom we have reason to believe you would benefit from meeting.  We don’t have meetings just to have meetings, and we don’t have events just to have events.  We won’t waste your time or ours.

Dine With Dignitaries – Take your seat at the table with world leaders.  Never more than 50 people at the table keeps things intimate.  Fantastic locations, including some outside of restaurant environment, make for memorable events.

4.  No Political or Religious Stance

All political and religious stripes are welcome.  Don’t join here to convert others.  Decorum is demanded.