International Business Association 17th World Trade Conference

Consular Chamber of Commerce co-founder and President Emeritus  Jonathan Warren will be the keynote speaker opening the 17th World Trade Conference  & U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Awards, May 4th, 2010 in Ontario, California.

Mr. Warren is a past-President of the Nevada Committee on Foreign Relations, which later merged into the Las Vegas World Affairs Council.  He co-founded the Consular Chamber of Commerce a not-for-profit, independent, global chamber of commerce; the Order of Consular Emissaries, a group of volunteers supporting Honorary Consulates; Dine With Dignitaries, hosting dignitaries at intimate dinners in many countries;, the Chamber’s proprietary global identity verification service, and;, the Chamber’s proprietary global directory of local area information and mapping.  

Jonathan went on to conceive and create the Office of the Legal Attaché of the Consular Chamber, and the Consultancy of the Consular Chamber.  He then gained acceptance of the Chamber as a institutional member of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, the first such member in the western United States.

Mr. Warren will be speaking on the catalysts and motives in forming the Consular Chamber, and the capabilities it brings to its membership.  He will also provide his opinions as to where the group will go under its present leadership.  The following afternoon, he will be moderating a panel of experts on Global Opportunity Zones.





While serving as Honorary Consul of Slovakia, Geoffrey Vanderpal has co-authored Real World Index Annuity Returns, an article published in the Financial Institutions Center by the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Vanderpal holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Anti-Money Launder Specialist (CAMS), and Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designations, among many others.  He is a consultant to and a principal of Skyline Capital Management, as well as a founding member of the Executive Committee of the Consular Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Geoffrey Vanderpal, a founding member of the Consular Chamber of Commerce and renowned financial expert, has been quoted as regarding the attitude of his clientele during the present economy, by TIME/CNN.
Monte Carlo, 2009: Vanderpal, see here second from right, teaches finance for various universities around the globe.

Monte Carlo, 2009: Vanderpal, seen here second from right, teaches finance for various universities around the globe.

In an article titled “Survey:  Investors Gaining Confidence in Markets” Dr. Vanderpal contributed information and opinion as the Chief Investment Officer of Skyline Capital Management.   The entire article can be read at,8599,1927017,00.html.  Dr. Vanderpal is also a frequent contributor to